sweet bro and hella jeff problens...........
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dubde no

just no

your trying too hard

i know you tend to have problems with stairs but what about escalators? ?/elevators?

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thank you lordspanglish


thank you lordspanglish


HAHA SHIT DUFE come get a load at THIS fat nasty trash doesnt even know how to problen




Falling Down:

“I can’t wait to be a useless piece of shit all day and play these games.” Said Sweet Bro, more to himself than Hella Jeff, who was already at the bottom of the stairs - awaiting the games Sweet bro was about to bestow upon their Sega.

It was the fall of 1997, and Sweet Bro had found that time had been kind to he and Hella Jeff. They had, as of yet, be unable to quite bring themselves to leave that purgatory of young adulthood, and truly enter that frightening “grown up” world of ours, they remained youthful and spritely.
It is perhaps because of this lack of acceptance of the aging process that they remained so juvenile.

Sweet Bro regarded his stack of games fondly, daydreaming of all the fun he and Hella Jeff were about to have with Sonic and Mario and such. he was so caught up with this daydream in fact, so busy mentally waltzing with the image of a blue hedgehog - that he failed to notice the fact that his foot had caught in the leg of his trousers.

Well, such a disaster could have easily been avoided if Sweet Bro had headed the warnings given to him by his father and Hella Jeff, surely the two most influential men in his life. Sweet Bro knew only too well of his folly, as his tender head seemed to crack against each and step.
“Fuck! I’m falling down all these stairs!” He cried, to subtly alert Hella Jeff to his plight.

Hella Jeff looked upon him with cold disappointed eyes. His image swirled as Sweet Bro began to feel tears well, and leak down his cheeks.

“I warned you about stairs bro.” He whispered, staring daggers at the tumbling Sweet Bro. Sweet Bro felt Hella Jeff’s disappointment in every fiber of his being. It hurt ten times as much as the hardwood blow of each stair.

“I told you dog.” Hella Jeff hissed.

“It keeps happening!” Sweet Bro screamed - as he remembered all those he had disappointed. All the hearts he had inadvertently broken by pig-headedly ignoring their sound advice.

He wept for them, silently, and hoped that each new stair would crack open his useless head.

After roughly three hours he landed - bruised, bloodied and wet with his own tears - at Hella Jeff’s feet.

“I told you man. I told you about stairs.” He said. His voice was hollow.

He delivered a single kick to Sweet Bro’s side. Sweet Bro heard only footsteps then, and the slamming of the door.

Lying amongst the games, he balled like a new born baby. Like a child. He looked to the heavens and knew that if their truly was a God, he would answer Sweet Bro’s prayers. He prayed God would end his life. He prayed God would stop his pain, and the pain he was causing others. 

No God answered him.

no god answered him


submission rrom http://isaythedarnedestthings.tumblr.com/
sbubmission from http://penguinanimalcracker.tumblr.com/